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Synopsis: "This Night" is off Billy Joel's album "(An) Innocent Man".  It was released on October 13, 1983 by Sony Music, in conjunction with Maritime Music (Billy Joel's little music company).  Even more specifically it falls under their Columbia music label.  "An Innocent Man" was produced by Phil Ramone.   "This Night" is track 4 on the CD which was recorded in Stereo in a Studio.
Album Notes: This is where Joel reaches back to his roots, a process essential to a maturing artist who realizes he has to look at where he's from before he can move further ahead. Things get off to a jumping start with the organ-driven R&B of "Easy Money," somewhat reminiscent of "Gimme Some Lovin'." Joel touches on the styles of the '50s and early '60s on the street-corner doowop of "The Longest Time" and the Four Seasons homage "Uptown Girl" (written for his then-wife, fashion model Christie Brinkley).

Things get introspective on the moving, self-analytical title tune and the endearing pop ballad "Leave A Tender Moment Alone," which is graced by the harmonica of Toots Thielemans. While Joel was busy exploring the music of his boyhood on "An Innocent Man", every tune still bears his distinctive stamp, and the album is one of his strongest.

"The Stranger" is now sold as an Enhanced CD containing both a full audio program as well as video clips for the songs "Tell Her About It," "Uptown Girl," "The Longest Time" and "Keeping The Faith."

Classical Foundation: The chorus to "This Night" is essentially the same music as composed by Beethoven in the "Adagio cantabile" (second movement) of his "Sonata No. 8 in C Minor, Op. 13" AKA the sonata "Pathetique."   There is even such a close corollary that Beethoven is listed in the credits at the end of the album notes as "L. V. Beethoven".

  "Beethoven's Sonata No. 8 in C Minor, Op 13 -- Adagio Cantabile" as performed by Radu Lupu

  "This Night" - clip -  as performed by Billy Joel

Joel plays essentially the exact same progression, but in 11 seconds less.  The similarity can be seen between (times):

   Billy Joel:   0:55 - 1:25

   Beethoven  0:00 - 0:41


Lyrics: Didn't I say
I wasn't ready for a romance
Didn't we promise
We would only be friends

And so we danced
Though it was only a slow dance
I started breaking my promises
Right there and then

Didn't I swear
There would be no complications
Didn't you want
Someone who's seen it all before

Now that you're here
It's not the same situation
Suddenly I don't remember the rules anymore

This night is mine
It's only you and I
Is a long time away
This night can last forever

I've been around
Someone like me should know better
Falling in love
Would be the worst thing I could do

Didn't I say
I needed time to forget her
Aren't you running from someone
Who's not over you

How many nights
Have I been lonely without you
I tell myself
How much I really don't care

How many nights
Have I been thinking about you
Wanting to hold you
But knowing you would not be there

This night
You're mine
It's only you and I
I'll tell you
To forget yesterday
This night we are together

This night
Is mine
It's only you and I
Is such a long time away
This night can last forever

Is such a long time away
This night can last forever
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